Trigger updates in NeoVis.js (or other visulization) from Neo4j

I often want to demo what is happening in the database as database updates occur. I would like to show--realtime--the insertions of new nodes into the database. It's easy to query and display a set of nodes--let's say a growing chain of nodes. The problem is that I am doing a demo, I have to re-query the set of nodes, and the entire display in Neo4j will refresh. It's hard to see where the change is occurring.
So NeoVis to the rescue (Thanks @william.lyon!) . NeoVis, by default, does the same thing, but if I change
Then it does not wipe the entire screen and redraw, but it will add a newly added node to the existing display. That's great. The person watching the demo can see new nodes attaching themselves to the existing on-screen subgraph. There is one last nice-to-have. I would like for NeoVis to continue to watch its "query space" for new changes, and when there is a change, the update occurs. So when a new node is inserted into the database, I would like to see it on-screen. I am trying to come up with an approach to making the database reactive with respect to the query in the NeoVis visualisation. Can anyone think of an approach...or an entirely different way to show the live insertions of new nodes into a subgraph?

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