Triangle Counting / Clustering Coefficient with multiple labels and relationships

I was trying my hands on graph algorithms. I have a graph with multiple labels and different relationships between them. For example, I have two labels "Person" and "Company" and different relationships between company to company and person to the company. labels. I want to run the Triangle Counting / Clustering Coefficient on this graph using "cypher projection". Please suggest how this can be achieved. In the example, I can see a single relationship. What if I want to include two different relationships.

ALL algo.triangleCount(
  'MATCH (p:Person) RETURN id(p) as id',
  **'MATCH (p1:Person)-[:KNOWS]->(p2:Person) RETURN id(p1) as source,id(p2) as target',**
  {concurrency:4, write:true, writeProperty:'triangle',graph:'cypher', clusteringCoefficientProperty:'coefficient'})
YIELD loadMillis, computeMillis, writeMillis, nodeCount, triangleCount, averageClusteringCoefficient


If you want to match on multiple relationships, you can do so using | like so.

[:KNOWS|OTHER_RELATIONSHIP] will match on either of the two relationships.

If you want an AND - where both relationships are true, you can match like so

MATCH (node)-[:KNOWS]-(node2), (node)-[:OTHER_RELATIONSHIP]-(node3)

Hope this helps!