@Transient annotation seems broken


When using @Transient from org.neo4j.ogm.annotation.Transient to annotate a field I don't want to be persisted, that field gets persisted anyway.

However, when I use the @Transient from org.springframework.data.annotation.Transient, the field is not persisted (this is the behavior I needed).

As a remark I add that this is not project related (I've experienced this more than once, I've just took the time to turn it into a post).

Versions: spring-data-neo4j:6.0.3, neo4j-ogm-core:3.2.14, neo4j-ogm-api:3.2.14, neo4j-java-driver:4.1.1

Have you ever experienced this ?

Hey there,

I confess that I am still getting to grips with 6.0.3 myself, so my apologies if I am way off track here, but I had assumed that with 6.0.3, you no longer required those neo4j-ogm libraries.

At least, in the 6.0.5 version of the documentation, there is a comment in Spring Data Neo4j that

The current SDN does not need and does not support Neo4j-OGM.

Just my community two-penneth worth.

That's absolutely correct: Spring Data Neo4j 6 is not built upon Neo4j OGM (contrary to Spring Data Neo4j 5). Neo4j OGM annotations will not have any effect.

Thanks to both of you. Despite reading the docs, I did not consider your quote (" The current SDN does not need and does not support Neo4j-OGM.") as I should !