Transforming data format when using LOAD CSV

Hi all. I'm using LOAD CSV to read CSV files and append regular Cypher statements to create or update the data as a graph. One of the columns withinh the CSV source has date values formated as 'yyyy-MM-dd'. I want to transform them from string into datetime, and, at the same time, into dd/MM/yyyy format when importing into my Neo4j database. Is there any solution with LOAD CSV?
Miquel Centelles

Pass the row's date string into to convert it to a workable format, e.g milliseconds:

with['date'], 'ms', 'yyyy-MM-dd') as evenTs

and then use to put that value into the format you want:

return, 'ms', 'dd/MM/YYYY')

APOC date & time conversion docs

mcentellsev is right. My suggestion is just an addendum.

You can combine them into one query like:

RETURN"2019-09-08T17:46:10Z", 'ms', 'yyyy-MM-dd'), 'ms', 'yyyy-MM-dd')

Result: "2019-09-08"

If you want to import the date as a Neo4j datetime, the following works:

datetime({['date'],'ms', 'yyyy-MM-dd')})

I managed this by using the following approach:

MERGE (n:EntityName {id:})
SET n.YourDateFieldName = date(,'ms', 'dd/mm/yyyy'),'ms','yyyy-mm-dd'))