Transaction log setting not honored via docker run

To start Neo4j, I run the following command:
docker run
--name testneo4j
-p7474:7474 -p7687:7687
-v $HOME/neo4j/data:/data
-v $HOME/neo4j/logs:/logs
-v $HOME/neo4j/import:/var/lib/neo4j/import
-v $HOME/neo4j/plugins:/plugins
--env NEO4J_AUTH=neo4j/test
--env NEO4J_dbms_tx__log_rotation_retention__policy=’4 hours’

I then check the transaction log retention policy via:

CALL dbms.listConfig()
YIELD name, dynamic, value
WHERE dynamic AND name = 'dbms.tx_log.rotation.retention_policy'

However, It returns 100M size. How can I get it to honor the 4 hour setting?