Thomas Radman - IT Generalist

Hi, I´m happy to be here.

I´m an IT-Professional and technology-nerd by heart, living in Vienna/Austria. Being 30+ years in IT, from sales, web development through service management and operations I have seen and struggled a lot, especially with handling data(bases). Being addicted to good UI-Design and decent usability didn´t make things easier.
Finally IT progressed a lot over the years and topics like ALM, DevOps and APM have made things much easier. On the database-side the advent of graph databases and in particular Neo4j is a real blessing.

I´m currently working on a startup-project called "findUfood" that intends to become the trusted guide to food products that match the consumers requirements.

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Welcome to the forum Thomas !

It's always so good to hear that we aren't just surrendering the space to the young hipsters ... not without giving them a good run for their money at least ;-).