The Neo4j Bloom Server plugin is missing. A licensed plugin is required for remote graphs. Please contact your system administrator or your Neo4j representative

I am assisting a customer who is using startup licences (Enterprise, Desktop and Bloom).

I have been using Bloom fine against a remote server for about 6 months. Customer recently installed a new version of the Neo4j Desktop -Version 1.2.7 ( to try it out themselves, and now Bloom does not work after successfully installing Desktop and applying licenses for Desktop and Bloom.

The desktop looks different. In previous versions of the desktop there was "Add application" to add Bloom (that was after adding the licence). Now that has changed, and the Neo4j documentation has not been updated.

It appears I can use Bloom against a local database, but not against a remote database. Bloom is available, and is licensed, but the notification message appears when attempting to connect.

It looks like Neo4j has made this change in their greater wisdom. The question is why make this change? I can no longer make use of the remote database to demonstrate to the client the value of Neo4j databases.

Hi @jimbobbannister, could you send me a private message with the startup information, so we can help them out?

coud you please let me know how to install bloom on GCP server. I'm using start-up license.

I didn't need to install anything for Bloom on the Desktop or Server. I understand it is already part of those packages.

Hi anurag,
I have got the same issue which is I remotely connect to neo4j Bloom but it shows that :

[The Neo4j Bloom Server plugin is missing. A licensed plugin is required for remote graphs. Please contact your system administrator or your Neo4j representative]

Could you plz tell me if I need to pay for that? I'm a student doing research on Neo4j.


am in the same situation and am facing the same issue. Bloom works fine on local version but cannot launch it via server

It's July 26 - a month and a half from the last post -and this thread remains unresolved. I have the same identical problem!

The startup where I work has received 3 keys in the acceptance email : 1) a license for Neo4j Enterprise ; 2) Bloom license key ; 3) Desktop activation key.

But what about the "activation key file " for the Bloom server component, as mentioned in Installation - Neo4j Bloom ?

We never received any file. Is that the same thing as the "Bloom license key"? So, we just put that into a file? Isn't that a license for the CLIENT? Is it the same as the Bloom license for the SERVER plugin? Hugely confused!

Just like the OP, we're simply trying to use Bloom against a remote database, to better evaluate if Neo4j is the right tool for us.
I don't know why Neo4j is making it all so complicated with such Byzantine licensing (3 keys so far, and perhaps we need 1 more!)

So, I have been dealing with the same issue for a while with very little response from neo4j, but I have stumbled on a work-around.

The issue seems to stem from the user account used to login to neo4j.

Try recreating the user or creating a new one and accessing bloom again. Make sure the user account has the 'reader' role.

This seemed to have fixed my problem. I'm not sure but it might be that adding roles some how corrupted the bloom plugin information on the neo4j server. At least that is my theory because like most, the bloom plugin was working fine until I started to add additional roles besides 'reader' for my account.

Hope this helps.