The English WordNet in Neo4j, problem when refactoring

Hi all,
I've been trying to replicate the English WordNet in Neo4j example and, at first, I have had no problems importing the RDF dump, but when refactoring I try this query:

match ()-[:wn__partOfSpeech]->(pos)
return pos.uri, count(*)

it should produce five records but, in my case, I am warned that " The provided relationship type is not in the database" and produces the result (no changes, no records). Actually, the data ingestion was not done well? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advanced

Hi @fyedro, welcome to the community.

At what stage are you in the refactoring? Let's use this script as reference.

I assume you're trying to run this query before applying the transformations in lines 34 to 52, correct? Otherwise it's normal that the relationship is not there any more because it's deleted by the cypher fragment in line 51-52.

Would this explain the behavior you're gettting?

If not, can you share additional so we can reproduce? It would be useful to understand what your schema looks like. You can get all existing relationships by running

call db.schema.relTypeProperties()

And the same for nodes with:

call db.schema.nodeTypeProperties