The Continue button does not work after a successful sign in

I can't finalize the "Introduction to Graph Algorithms in Neo4j 4.x" training because the "Continue" button no longer works after a successful sign in. Need help.

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Experiencing the same issue ...

Hello @adiarra23 and @ktielens,

Can you try clearing your browser cache and deleting all cookies and then continue to the course?


I used a hack, copy the url of the training course and save it somewhere.. :slight_smile:

I copied "Introduction to Graph Algorithms in Neo4j 4.x" in Google and clicked on the very first link that appeared. It took me right back in the training session and I was able to finalize the training as planned.

Thank you all.

I had the same issue, seems to happen only with google chrome for now.
I will try to clean my browser cache and cookies but might be a developer issue.

Yes, we had a problem with the GraphAcademy site that has been resolved.

As @tard_gabriel stated, you will need to clear your browser cache to enable the continue button again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.