The client unauthorized due to authentication failure

Hi all. I've been using Neo4j in an Azure container instance. Sometimes the instance stops and all the data gets erased. Then I have no option but to load all the data back. It has happened a few times and is a very time-wasting process.

What exactly happens is, I cannot access browser with the password that I have set, then i have to use the default password and username which is 'neo4j' and then all the data is gone. The error that I get is:
" ERROR Neo.ClientError.Security.Unauthorized"
"The client is unauthorized due to authentication failure."

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

I suggest you configure your azure container instance in a way that the actual graph data is outside of the container.
In docker you can just mount the /data volume to a different, persistent path.

I guess when the auth thing happens the old container is already gone and you get a new container.