The client is unauthorized due to authentication failure while building a graph database

Hello while trying to use python to build a graph in neo4j i always get an authentication error.

(CKG_ENV) C:\Users\sitas\CKG\src\graphdb_builder\builder>python -b minimal -u neo4j


File "C:\Users\sitas\CKG\src\graphdb_connector\", line 45, in connectToDB
raise Exception("Unexpected error:{}.\n{}".format(err, sys_error))
Exception: Unexpected error:{code: None} {message: None}.
(<class 'neo4j.exceptions.AuthError'>, AuthError('The client is unauthorized due to authentication failure.'), <traceback object at 0x000001EAB1FED680>), file:,line: 40


  1. I haven't changed my username therefore it is neo4j by default
    my password is NeO4J

2)I faced this error while trying to build a Clinical Knowledge graph.

Since I am new to Neo4j and cypher, I am in need of help. I also tried some solution posted online however it didn't get solved

Can you log in with your username and password in neo4j browser?

Perhaps a wrong connection? Or you have another database running?

i will look into it thank you