Terry Leach from Washington, DC

Hi, I'm Terry Leach from Washington, DC, my background is in information and systems architecture, currently founder of a startup.

I'm new to Neo4j, we will be using Neo4J for MDM and many use cases for our platform.

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Hi @TJLeach, Welcome to Neo4j. Neo4j is a good database to design around MDM. I have used Neo4j is several projects for MDM.

Here are a few URL's to get started for MDM


Thanks, Dominic!!!

Hi Terry! Welcome!

CC: @mckenzma @preston.hendrickson @david.meza01 are all local to the area as well!
Michael runs our local meetup in DC - maybe you want to speak at one when you're ready? :smile:

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Welcome Terry!
As @neo4j_devrel stated, I run the GraphDB DC Meetup here in DC. We are always looking for people willing to share their projects and ideas.

And I am always interested in meeting new people to learn how they use Neo4j.

Welcome to the Community!