Tenant on- and off boarding with Spring boot application


I have a question about multi tenancy. I found a nice article here (Reactive multi-tenancy with Neo4j 4.0 and SDN/RX | by Michael Simons | Neo4j Developer Blog | Medium) how to realize multi tenancy with Neo4J and a Spring Boot application.

What I would be interested in now is how a suitable way could look like to automate the tenant on- and off boarding via the Spring Boot Application.

Specifically, I had thought of creating a new tenant (separate DB) via the application and creating an admin user for that database. After the onboarding is done, the user should be able to use the application.

I hope the use-case makes sense, since I'm just getting started with Neo4J. :-)


  • neo4j desktop 1.4.2
  • Spring Boot 2.5.0
  • Reactive Spring Data Neo4j
  • APOC


I am researching the same topic. I would like to separate data and multi database option would be a good choice.
But I am not sure about how to fire up new databases programatically.
Have you got a solution with that?