Ten Sun - A msg from Europe

Old PHP dev on MySQL , old style programming , used all major programs, in last 15 years Linux admin.
Searching for the graph technology, i see in NEO4J a way to develop programs that require 1 year of work in 1 or 2 days of work, the way to avoid subquery or joins is incredible SQL is deprecated for big data, to group many tables in one graph for instant result.

Hah you hit on the very reason I first found Neo4j: get rid of join tables. Tip of the iceberg, yet also always relevant. I don't even use Neo4j for the big-graph purposes most do: it's just a superior database concept. Eventually, I would expect it to replace ~50% of relational models, as data is only 50% tables of raw data, anymore. And you can always use them behind the graphs.