Take me to your leader, mathling!

Hi, I live in San Diego.

Here's what I'm working on:

It's called "ZoomSpace" and is a futuristic mathematicians' tool. It will be community driven with the help of neo4j, and will be capable of suggesting next steps in a diagram chase.

This should be popular among advanced math students in college or self studiers. It will actually aid in the teaching of diagram-chasing proofs.


More info / source code:

Definitely a good project to discuss in the projects category when you're ready! :smile:

I will! Thank you for notifying me.

It's currenly on the back burner as I have my paid work to do first.

I'm thinking of turning it into a full-fledge graph app, but it's not easy to get the examples to work like create-react-app (with graphql).

Ahhh! Ok! :smile:
Do you want to share some of the problems you've had working with create-react-app ? Might be able to help you work through them. (it might also help others who might be hitting similar obstacles as you).
We have a forum category for it you can post in directly: https://discourse.neo4j.com/c/drivers-stacks/graphql-grandstack