Taffy Brecknock - Solution Designer and Graph advocate


I have been playing around with Neo4J on and off for going on two years. I am interested in data modeling and how to apply graphs to help solve complex problems. I'm currently working in the banking sector, but my intrests are broard.


Welcome Taffy. Hope you'll find fun topics here. What are you preferred stacks?
We're currently working more with graph analytics and using ML with graphs. Fun stuff.

Personally, I have been doing a lot with NodeJS, and Java. From a work perspective I am looking to introduce Neo4J as a data platform. The stack would depend on the particular project, but could well span Java, SAS, R

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Hi Taffy.

I've had the pleasure of weaning at least two dev teams off of purely relational thinking, toward the power of the graph side. Cool stuff like NLP or ML aside, for practical arguments, I just ask the team how many relations they juggle versus entities, or have them count their join tables. Or ask them what questions they don't ask of their data because the SQL is too daunting...