Syntax Exception while creating an apoc procedure inside a apoc trigger

I am creating an apoc procedure inside a apoc trigger. The error in the logs says this
org.neo4j.exceptions.SyntaxException: Variable node not defined (line 1, column 26 (offset: 25))
"MATCH(p1:SPerson { name:}) CREATE (p1)-[:Enrolled]->(c)"


My apoc trigger code

 CALL apoc.trigger.add('loadEnrollments',   
"UNWIND apoc.trigger.nodesByLabel($assignedLabels, 'Enrollment') AS node
 MERGE (p1:SPerson { name:, cell: node.cell, created_at: node.created_at})
 WITH p1, node
 MATCH (c:Course {name: 'Paradigm Shifting 101'})
 MATCH (n:SPerson)
 WITH p1, node, COUNT(n) as size
 size>3,'MERGE (p1)-[:Waitlist]->(c)',
 'MATCH(p1:SPerson { name:}) CREATE (p1)-[:Enrolled]->(c)') YIELD value
 { phase: 'after' });

your call lacks passing through the parameters for p1 and c, see

Thanks Stefan. That worked.
Can you also please suggest me something on the following question. Your expertise is greatly appreciated.