Support for RDF* in n10s 4.1.*

According to the release notes for n10s, the latest version (i.e. v4.1.*) supports the import / export of RDF* data. However, I am encountering issues when trying to load data. For instance, I am trying to load the following RDF* triple:

<< <> ex:worksFor <>. >> pcicore:coversPeriod <> .

Can you clarify the limitations (if any) for importing RDF* data through the n10s plugin?

Hi, sorry for the late response.

The support for RDF* is currently limited to case where the inner triple is an "objectProperty" type statement and the outer triple is a "literalProperty" type statement.

In other words, when the RDF* triple represents a property on a relationship.

This is consistent with the way n10s imports RDF by default but it would be great to hear your ideas on how to deal with other patterns. For instance the one in your question. How would you expect it to be imported? Or how would it be useful for your use case?



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