Suppliers CSV used in Northwind tutorial has extraneous commas

This file is loaded in the Northwind example.
Unfortunately, the CSV has extraneous commas in some of the fields (columns) causing values to appear under the wrong column header. A simple fix is to replace all ", " with just " ".

I just discovered that the same holds for the file "orders.csv".
Occurrences of commas in certain fields are not escaped by double quotes.
So either remove them or correctly escape them.

By the way, all is good here: developer-resources/data/northwind at gh-pages · neo4j-documentation/developer-resources · GitHub

I concur, looks like the double quotes were stripped from the file at some point along the way to the location at

I guess there must be a reason to have separate copies, but from experience it is only a matter of time, they will diverge in content... :)

Thanks for reporting, we'll fix it.