Suggestion for more Movie queries examples

In one of the examples, there's an example of Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen related by the FATHER relationship. This is great, except these actors aren't in the Example DB and there are no FATHER relationships. (Marriage relationships too.)

It would be nice to add that data to the sample Movie DB.

Example page where the Sheens are used:

In addition, it would be also interesting to add these queries:

  • Actors who are related to Martin Sheen but don't share the last name : Emilio Estevez
  • Actors who share the last name of Sheen but aren't related: Michael Sheen.

Another interesting property that could be added, would be the birth name of an actor.

Another suggestion that I made elsewhere is including box office revenue and cost of making a film. Then one can make interesting queries about who was in movies that made the most money (in absolute terms and ROI.). Also nice would be showing how to format money amounts for display (e.g. $ and commas between 000).

Also.... another issue I have with the URL above, is it uses some notation that's not really used in Neo4J:

{nrOfMovies -> 2, name -> "Martin Sheen"}

instead of {nrOfMovies : 2, name : "Martin Sheen"}