Style / Grass file, advanced syntax

I'm using .grass file to customize the browser experience. All is grand except I really would like to use "odd" node names in the .grass file (to paint nodes with equally odd label naming). A sample name would be "" - node labels are fine with such names provided "´"-encapulation of the name is in place, e.g. SET n:´´5´

Clearly .grass files are css inspired but how far does the inspiration go? It seems that .grass interpretation does not adhere to standard css character escaping as described here: Using character escapes in markup and CSS

Can anyone shed some light on this or point to relevant documentation? I've been unable to locate it on my own so far.

I accidentally ran into a solution on this few minutes after posting. Will share here for anyone having similar issue:

It seems that doing a "style: reset" followed by "match(n) return n" will auto-generate a style that reflects the nodes and connections already in the database(!?). At least that's what I see... Since I had "odd" labels configured on my nodes I could deduct the syntax from the generated style, which goes like this:
(for a label named "")
I.e. the dots are escaped by preceding backslash and frontslash needs no escape. Name starts with a number, as opposed to css syntax rules, so apparently no real relationship on .grass syntax and .css syntax.

I guess you should be able to use this method to deduct any kind of character escape rules from already configured labels in your db (since it currently goes undocumented).

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