State-of-the-art graph viz in browser?

We are starting to prepare for an overhaul of our software. Up to now, we have used Sigma.js to render the graphs in the browser. This has served us well, but the Sigma.js library has not seen any updates for more than two years.

Building new dashboards on a library that has been left to rot might not be a good idea. It may be the case that Sigma.js is actually being well taken care of and that no updates have been necessary for two years. We should look into this, and if not we should try to figure out what a replacement library could be.

We need to be able to have very granular control over how the graph is displayed as we use Tulip to build the graphs after grabbing the data from Neo4j.

What would you say is the state-of-the-art library today for this use-case? Is it still Sigma.js, or has something better emerged?

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