Startup CTO in Sarasota

Jeff Highman

Greetings from Sarasota FL where I work at a CTO for a startup company on a fifth-generation product. I am currently working in the areas of computational ontology and visualization. I’m interested in hearing from people who have used Neo4J within Microservices Architectures, Bounded contexts, and IOC containers. I facilitate polyglot persistence with a variety of subject matter experts and I enjoy continuous exploration.

Also interested in connecting with Graphistas in DC, Tampa, or Sarasota.

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Hi Jeff!
Do you travel to DC often?

CC @mckenzma leads our meetup community there.

Hi @Jeff1
Welcome! I am the GraphDB DC meetup organizer here in DC. It is a pleasure to meet you. Let me know the next time you are in town. Perhaps we can get coffee.

Hi Michael. Yes, I travel to DC office in McLean fairly often. I'll be there June 6-10 and 19-23. Love to have coffee.

I don't know how I never saw this message until now. Let me know next time you are in the area and we can connect.