Starting Neo4j too slow and go failed

I have a strange issue when starting neo4j:

enter image description here

After start neo4j with sudo service neo4j start, I check status using sudo service neo4j status, it notices that Starting Neo4j. This process is too slow and go failed after

enter image description here

I've completed configurations in neo4j.conf file before and allow all needed ports in firewall.

Take a look at /var/log/neo4j/debug.log for any suspicious messages.

It seems that neo4j does not come up and the systemd script tries to restart it over and over again.

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The Logging by /var/log/neo4j/debug.log

Please help me check it @stefan.armbruster

A screenshot is not helpful. Can you please upload the relevant snippet of that file?

Could jou try:
$sudo systemctl start neo4j

Hi @tagmetag

I faced the same issue.. try two things

  1. check if your db is corrupt then remove it .
  2. your APOC plugin might be the issue.. Install appropriate APOC once again .. Make sure you remove old one.. in a system u can’t have 2 versions of APOC.
    Then try to restart Neo4j