SQL Like Syntax For Retrieving Graph Data

As I am thinking little from relational data modelling and more from Graph Data Modelling perspective.Is there any graph community project for translating SQL like queries to Cypher Query language/GQL. This could be useful when we import data from RDBMS into Neo4J using ETL or Admin Tool.We can then deal with Graph either with SQL Like Syntax or with Cypher Query Language/GQL. This could be super useful if user is only familiar with SQL which will be the case with most RDBMS users

Hi Sameer,
Have you tried using the JDBC connector?
Here is a link to a Knowledge Base article which could help.

Hi Sohum
I am trying to say is if someone wants to run SQL like queries on Graph Data rather than running Cypher Queries.You are pointing me to links to connect to RDBMS but my viewpoint is totally different.If some one wants to connect to Graph data and use SQL Like syntax then what is the specific tool or library we should use?Are you aware of such libraries or contributing to developing one on your own?