Spinning up a Neo version _earlier_ than 3.4.0 in Desktop

Our production server is happy and stable with Neo Enterprise v3.3.3.

I'd like to test some new code on the Desktop, where I'm running 1.1.10.

When I try to create a new Project in Desktop, I'm only allowed to go back to Neo v3.4.0 as the old version option. How do I get something older up and running on Desktop?

I have the same problem. This is very annoying in my opinion. It is probably a way to make users upgrade to newer versions, but it blocks us creating new DB for our production server.

@neo4j What's the good word on this???

It seems to me that this should be a pretty straight-forward modification to allow Desktop to run pre-3.4.0 versions of Neo.

Of course, there are other ways for me to mirror production -- like spinning up a local Docker instance of our entire application stack. However, the brand promise of the Desktop is convenience for the developer community.

You guys need to honor the fact that many of us are not willing to put our production boxes on a Neo upgrade cycle that matches your release tempo.

It's a reasonable request. While I don't believe the restriction is a technical one, I'll check with our Desktop team and try to get an answer.

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Hi Adam, I realized I forgot to update here when we took action for this.

The Desktop team identified this as a bug and patched it with Desktop 1.1.11, and it is now possible to create Neo4j instances down to version 3.2.0.

If you aren't seeing this on your own system, you may be using an out of date version of Desktop, and should use the menu options to check for and install an update.