Speak at Conferences Around the World! Let Neo4j Pay your Way!

Hilary Mason of Cloudera and Fast Forward Labs @ GraphConnect 2018

If you’ve already been exposed to graphs and graph databases, you may be aware that you’re a little ahead of the game. There are a whole slew of engineers, data scientists, architects, and researchers that still don’t really know about graph databases and all their benefits. Crazy, right?

On the flip side, we also have a vast amount of graph enthusiasts and experts that are willing and eager to share their knowledge and experiences.

We wanted to create a program that allowed our thought leaders to thrive! So, we’ve launched the Neo4j Speaker Program!

What is it?

For select conferences around the world, we are offering accepted-speakers on Neo4j-topics up to $1,000 in travel-stipend! (in other words, we will be covering the cost of your travel, hotel accommodations, and meals around your conference adventure!)

Why be a speaker?

Being a conference speaker sets you up to build a reputation as a thought-leader… but why is that valuable?

  1. You will be recognized as an industry-leader amongst both technologists and others in your industry.
  2. It opens up both personal and professional career opportunities.
  3. You will be empowering the world by providing insight and knowledge.
  4. You will learn and improve your skills through teaching!

Ashley Sun from LendingClub talking about microservices ops with Neo4j

Sound Enticing? :D

Every couple weeks, we will be sending out lists of conferences with open CFPs (“call-for-papers” — conferences that are currently accepting talk submissions).

Included in the qualifying-conferences are leading events like Strata Data Conference, OSCON, GraphQL Summit, QCon, LondonConnect, Devoxx, Code Motion, VoxxedDays, JavaZone, Gartner Data Analytics, PyConf, and more!

Get Notified!

To receive emails of qualifying conferences with open CFPs, submit your name and email on this form. If you’re interested in receiving specific conferences specific to your industry or use case, please fill out the following fields with your topic title, abstract, locations, etc.

Ready to Submit?

Here’s how:

  1. Submit your talk to the conference
  2. Email us to let us know you submitted (speakers@neo4j.com)
  3. If your talk gets accepted, email us to let us know! We can either loop you in with a dedicated travel agent that can help book your flight and hotel or reimburse your costs.

Please note: Conferences that qualify for the program are pre-selected. If there’s a conference that you’re interested in submitting to and want to see if it qualifies for the program, run it by us at speakers@neo4j.com.

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