Spatial. GIS. Hikes in Neo4j

The question is, how to place the hikes data saved in gpx file into neo4j using spatial functions.
I can easily extract the data from gpx files, parse them but then... how do I model the data structure in neo ?
I dont want to make a mess in the database. I Would like to use WGS84 crs in 3D space.

I can create a node with:
CREATE (n:hike { name: 'hike1', p1: point({x: 56.7, y: 12.78, z: 8.0}), p2: point({x: 56.7, y: 12.78, z: 8.0}) })
But then, will it be correctly stored in R-tree spatial structure which is inbuilt in neo ?

Any ideas ?