SpanningTree algo

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to run minimum spanning tree algo inside Neo3.4, but even with apoc., algo. config lines inserted (unrestricted and whitelist) and jar file inside plugins folder. I receive ProcedureNotFound when I call algo.spanningTree.minimum,. Do you know why this spanningTree is not available ?

The algo.spanningTree.minimum() procedure is part of the graph algorithms library. This has since been deprecated and replaced with the Graph Data Science (gds) library, but in Neo4j 3.4.x that may not be available.

Here are instructions for the graph algos library:

Hi Andrew,

Many thanks for you help. Since I have 4,1 available here. I will start the upgrade for this version and see if gds works for me.

Hi Andrew,

I have success to handle minimal Stp now (neo4j 4.1 with gds) following:
MATCH (n:Place{id: 'D'})
CALL gds.alpha.spanningTree.maximum.write({
nodeProjection: 'Place',
relationshipProjection: {
type: 'LINK',
properties: 'cost'
startNodeId: id(n),
relationshipWeightProperty: 'cost',
writeProperty: 'MAXST',
weightWriteProperty: 'writeCost'
YIELD createMillis, computeMillis, writeMillis, effectiveNodeCount
RETURN createMillis,computeMillis, writeMillis, effectiveNodeCount;
But I would like to run Stp in a set of links relations. How can i filter which links can be used by minimal stp algorithm ? some that allow me to select links (based on properties) to part of relationshipProjection.