Sort by "Solved"

Would it be possible to add the ability to search and/or sort by "Solved" questions within the community?

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That's a great suggestion. I want to work on more ways to encourage people to :heart: or choose an answer were solved. Sometimes it's tough to get people to do that. Any suggestions?

I also recommend adding Search option.

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Adding a search option of solved problems you mean, not in general, correct?

Yes as in when getting back a set of results from a search, being able to filter or order by those that have and have not been marked as solved.

Makes a lot of sense. Thank you, guys!

@ameyasoft - maybe you'd be interested in presenting your restaurant reco in the Neo4j online meetup?

About the restaurant reco, please let me know the online meetups dates sometime next month so that I can plan accordingly.

Regarding the Search option I want that to be general as I see many of the posts have not been marked solved even though a correct solution has been posted.

Perhaps there can be a "suggest solved" feature to ping the O.P. that the solution may have been found?