SoN Challenges - Week Two

Welcome to week two of Summer of Nodes!
We hope you had fun with last week's challenge and are now eager to dive into week two!

The online day out
In our second two Summer of Nodes challenges you are virtually discovering the Metropolitan Museum in New York! It is a fantastic opportunity to explore a wealth of art from the comfort of your sofa. Again, these challenges should take approximately one hour each, depending on experience.

Of course, you are welcome to try both challenges! For details on what’s required for the easy and hard challenges, read this blog. Once you solved a challenge, submit your answer in this form.

But I Missed the Live Stream…
Not to worry! You can watch the stream in all its glory on demand.

Thursday Recap
We have updated the blog post with some more hints for the challenges this week!

Hi Alex, I have a doubt about representing distinct Nodes in neo4J Bloom. Basically, when I specified in the search phrase that I only want the painting nodes with distinct names that contain Harbor in their title, but the search phrase is giving an error, however, when I ran the same search phrase in Neo4j sandbox, I am getting the output with distinct painting titles. Am I missing something here, or Bloom does not represent Distinct data?
Ich warte fur ihre Antwort. Vielen Dank im voraus.

Hi @kartik.kanodia

When you return nodes into Bloom, it should only return a single node, no duplicates. However, what you might be seeing is that some paintings have the same title :slight_smile:

Did you inspect the node IDs? Are they different?