SoN Challenges - Week One

So here we are! It is time to officially kick off Summer of Nodes 2020 with our first week’s set of challenges!

The Barbecue
Nothing marks summertime better than a barbecue – the wonderful combination of food, amazing weather and great company with friends and family! While the current situation makes hanging out with friends a bit harder, it’s still possible to share the occasion through social distancing and virtual hangouts.

Our first two Summer of Nodes challenges are learning more about barbecues from around the world and planning our own socially-distanced event! These challenges should take approximately one hour each, depending on experience.

Of course, you are welcome to try both challenges! For details on what’s required for the easy and hard challenges, read this blog. Once you solved a challenge, submit your answer in this form.

But I Missed the Live Stream…
Not to worry! You can watch the stream in all its glory on demand.

Thursday Recap & Hints
We updated the Blog post which now includes some hints and tips for the challenges for this week's challenges.

Hi, how are you?
I registered yesterday, but never got a confirmation.
I also submitted the basic challenge, but again, no way of knowing if I was correctly registered, and if the submission was recorded.

Hi Nicolas,
You should have received a confirmation after registration. Check your spam folder maybe!
I see you enrolled and also see your answer submitted for the challenge. So we have received everything!
Thanks for taking part

We have updated the blog post with our tips and tricks from the stream on Thursday!

If you are struggling, check it out or post your questions here in the forum :)

Have fun!