Some questions about virtual graph

I’m new at Neo4j and just started studying APOC.

I saw virtual nodes ( and relations?) have negative ids (in this virtual node&rels page), but when i querying apoc. graph. * procedures, the output node, and relationships have positive ids. I followed the example cypher.
(oh, except apoc.graph.fromDocument and I didn't check apoc.graph.validateDocument)

The nodes and relationships in the virtual graph can have positive ids?

And when running the apoc.graph.fromDocument example, i expected the result like below,

But my result didn't show me the relationship name. I tried other cyphers, couldn't find the answer.


And i found some mistyped in APOC.
I don't know where to report :sweat_smile:

misspell in example:

WITH AS outputInMs
RETURN outputinMs, datetime({epochMillis: output}) AS datetime;
WITH AS outputInMs
RETURN outputInMs, datetime({epochMillis: outputInMs}) AS datetime;
bracket error and figure mismatch in [invert-relationship](
CREATE (c:Car {make:"Volvo")-[rel:DRIVES {year:2001}]->(p:Person {name:"Dan"})
CREATE (c:Car {make:"Volvo"})-[rel:DRIVES {year:2001}]->(p:Person {name:"Dan"})

(the figure show "foo - bar" example)