Small issue with "Harmonic Centrality algorithm sample"


I cannot get the same result as described in "Harmonic Centrality algorithm sample".

Copy/Paste the sample and run in Neo4j Desktop

Run algorithm

In the docs there are some calculations that show numbers (not zeros).

May be I misunderstand the results from algo =)

You can find the link to the docs above
Neo4j Desktop version is 1.1.9
Neo4j DB version is 3.4.5 Enterprise
OS Win8.1


I just tried running this on a blank 3.4.7 database and it seems ok for me:

│1       │0.5         │
│2       │0.375       │
│0       │0.375       │
│4       │0.25        │
│3       │0.25        │

I do see that actually the relationship type there is wrong - it should be LINK rather than LINKS but in that case the algorithm is just looking at any relationships between nodes instead.