Sinuhé David, CViCom UNAM CdMx


My name is Sinuhé David @elsinux. Im a WebDev and Linux Sysmin at Centro Virtual de Computación CViCom at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México UNAM.
I been working for a while with debian/ubuntu servers as a LAMP Gurú (open sourcerer) who still believe in the GNU's prosperity.

I have good experiences developing php/mysql backend services and exciting experiences developing dynamic frontend projects with CSS, and ECMAScript zoo such as MongoDB, jQuery, D3js and so on.

Now a days I am working in a project for Data Science Analysis in Graph Oriented Data Bases, so Im very glad to discover neo4j and cypher technologies. I would like to become a Python-Cypherist API Web Developer.

Nice to meet you Community!!

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Welcome to the forum David !