Single queries vs Transactions

We need a simple way to refresh data in the graph, so - Delete existing data and create new data - and of course we want it to fully succeed or not succeed at all. (we are using nodejs)

Looking at the Transactions Documentation it says:

While it is not possible to run a Cypher query outside a transaction...

From this I understand that as an alternative to running several queries in a transaction like suggested here we can also "Concatenate" queries to 1 query and it will be run as a single query.

So we can connect 2 queries with the WITH keyword (without using the piped result)

So we will end up with something like

MATCH (delItem {id:"..."}) DETACH DELETE delItem
WITH delItem
UNWIND $param AS a MERGE (asset:foo {id:, accountId: a.accountId}) SET asset = a

$param is the name of the data object attached to the query.

So we attached a delete and an unwind clauses with a WITH clause.

Is this a good alternative to transactions? Is there a better way to do it?