Sinan Teske - Team Lead & Researcher at the Research Institute Empa in Switzerland

We are working in the field of large scale energy systems what inherently defines that our problems are complex and large. Our research focuses on the integration of new technologies especially in the field of renewable energies. We use data driven techniques and are trying to build up a knowledge graph of the energy systems in question which should be input for machine learning methods to understand systems interaction.

I hope to get inside of how to efficiently use Neo4J for large scale fine grained spatio-temporal data. Especially the use of geospatial data.


Welcome to the forum Sinan ! As you no doubt know we've now got spatial-elements as first class citizens in the database. And the specialists on the topic are right here in the forum !

Hi Tom. Thank you. But what does this mean and what are first class citizens? Especially I do not just have to model points and distances but also very large complex polygons. I also have to calculate within function etc. is that handled by the functionality you are talking about?

The first class citizens that Tom mentions are currently only Points. Polygons are not yet supported (as of Neo4j 3.4). Currently if you want polygon support you need to consider using an external plugin like those described in the discussion at What is the difference between the 'Spatial' built into Neo4j and the community spatial plugin? - #2 by sinan


Your project looks interesting, I worked briefly for UNOSAT in Geneva providing satellite imagery and GIS services to humanitarian organizations. Although I doubt they're experimenting with Neo4j yet I'm sure they'd be interested in your work and might be able to offer some thoughts.


I would love to hear more and exchange some thoughts.

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