Simple way to submit issue with neo4j documentation


Is there a way to submit a mistake in a documentation to neo4j?
Like I saw on some other sites: Select a text, Press Ctrl+Enter, Describe the issue

I go through documentation and the examples there, sometimes see that there is an error (e.g. example does not give the correct result). Wanna submit this to help improve docs, cannot find a simple way for that)


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Greetings Illia. We love to get feedback on the Documentation. For the time being (and I understand it's not as easy as the process you describe), would you mind posting your findings in Documentation - Neo4j Online Community ? @maria.scharin (and others) will be more than happy to take them in !


Thank you @tom.geudens!

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Hi Illia - Exactly as Tom says, we're always grateful for feedback (big and small) and suggestions on the docs.