Simple GUI for basic data entry and structuring?

Is there a simple GUI with (say) drop-down selection lists, predictive text etc which allows the gradual building of a database by a db noob as he gradually learns neo4j, cypher, front-end web languages etc?

Something like:

  1. Click "Create" (Node, type, relationship, attribute)
  2. Select node(s) (predictive, from existing list of nodes?) or types of nodes
  3. Edit label

I'm sure there are major limitations to this model but as a start...?

There seem to be GUIs for querying and visualizing existing data but not creating data with its structures and properties.

The projects I have in mind would benefit from a pleasant, well laid-out data entry interface rather than using a spreadsheet and then simply displaying the data via neo4j tools.

I'm a newbie to databases in general and have some more ideas in mind. I intuitively feel like graph databases are the way to go to make these ideas happen. However, I don't want to wait until I know enough coding etc before I begin the purpose of the projects.

If something like this does not exist, can anyone direct me to an alternative that may work?