Show only 1 relationship out of multiple relationships between nodes

Hi guys, just wondering if there is anyone encounter this issue before where you have multiple relationships between two nodes (with all different properties) and you trying to filter them (by nominate the property) in the graph to show only 1 specific relationship between two nodes.

The result table presented will only show that specific relationship, but the graph visual still present all the relationships between these nodes. Any ideas please?

Perhaps a diagram here may help demonstrate:

neo4j issue

match (A) - [rel:Payment to] -> (B)
where = 1
return A,B

Thank you very much!


match (A) - [rel:Payment to] -> (B)
where = 1
return A,rel, B

I think this will at least work in Bloom, because if you don't specify returning the relationship, Bloom only shows the Nodes.