Shoval Arad from Israel

Hi, Im Shoval Arad from Israel, I am a developer and data scientist in training
I have been using Neo4j for about a year,
We are using it to visualize and hierchical data, and we are also trying to use it for some ml stuff!

Fantastic Shoval. Welcome!

I assume you’ve already seen @mark.needham and @amy.hodler ‘s new graph algorithms book, but definitely check it out if you haven’t.

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I will try to read it, thanks for the recommendation!

What part of Israel are you from?

CC: @markrity

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Hi Shoval,
I invite you to come to a meetup at ebay's Israel office we hold on 12th of June.
for more info:

My friend Igal will talk there about our usages of neo4j , we are not using it directly for ML. But the graph that we built there, could be used as a great data set. :slight_smile:

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Hi Shoval,
I'm Gal and i lead all Neo4j Engineering in Israel.
Feel free to contact me for further assistance and cooperation:

Good luck!

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