Shortest Paths algorithms


I want to compute shortest paths for all pairs in my graph. I tried to use all pairs shortest paths
and single shortest paths but both do not return paths like apoc dijkstra.
I'm working in a graph with 4602 nodes and 80000 relationships. I can not use apoc dijkstra because it is very slow in my case.

Thank you.

Can you share the queries that you've written using apoc dijkstra and (presumably) the GDS Library (The Neo4j Graph Data Science Library Manual v2.2 - Neo4j Graph Data Science) so that I can see why you aren't getting the same results?

The problem that all pair shortest paths algorithm does not return paths, only distance

Match (h:Hub:Airport),(a:Arrival)
where h.code <> a.code 
Call apoc.algo.dijkstra(h,a,'2017-10>|BOARD_AT|CONNECT_TO>', 'duration_min') yield path as pH, weight as dur
return pH

So here I can get paths (pH)
The all pair shortest paths query is:

CALL'duration_min', {
nodeQuery:'MATCH (n) RETURN id(n) as id',
relationshipQuery:'MATCH (n:Hub:Departure)-[r]-(p:Arrival) RETURN id(n) as source, id(p) as target, r.duration_min as weight',
graph:'cypher', defaultValue:1.0})
YIELD sourceNodeId, targetNodeId, distance
WITH sourceNodeId, targetNodeId, distance
WHERE algo.isFinite(distance) = true
MATCH (source:Origin) where id(source) = sourceNodeId
MATCH (target:Airport) WHERE id(target) = targetNodeId
WITH source, target, distance WHERE source <> target
RETURN source.code AS source, target.code AS target, distance
ORDER BY distance DESC

Here I can return only distance but not the path.

Try using Yen's K shortest paths (it use's Djikstra's algorithm), and set k=1, and set path:true. This will return the shortest path between your nodes as a path.

Thank you. Finally, my problem was solved

Your solution is using the Yen's K shortest paths or not?
(if it is not) Could you please share different solutions for me?