Setup EC2 instance with AMI does not work

Today an EC2 instance with the current neo4j community edition AMI was set up for me. But this failed despite several attempts.

1st attempt: EC2 instance with ami-0e6865c9b4a3f869d
error message

I assume: Subscribing seems not to be allowed here from our side.

2nd attempt: EC2 instance with ami-0343719660a57e654
The instance could be started, but a SSH connection cannot be established because the user is wrong.

As a workaround I now try to get Neo4j Community to run on a completely empty EC2 instance using the official docker image.

Can you please provide some details on how/where you got these AMI IDs?

#1 Search for official Neo4j Community AMIs.
EC2 > Images AMIs > Search for Public Images > neo4j-community

I assumed that the "marketplace" AMIs are the official ones. Then I simply selected the highest Neo4j version.

#2 Search for the most current "unofficial" AMI.

marketplace AMIs are typically only launched from the marketplace directly. This is why they put that extra "you must subscribe" step in between, because the marketplace is gated with extra terms. Use the non-marketplace AMI and you should be OK, or otherwise launch Neo4j community from the marketplace, and not from the AMI directly.