Set or adjust AuthenticationRateLimit in neo4j enterprise?

I'm apparently locked out of neo4J enterprise, with the following complaint:

 Neo.ClientError.Security.AuthenticationRateLimit: The client has provided incorrect authentication details too many times in a row.

This neo4j-enterprise instance has been running fine for awhile and has multiple databases. While I have backups, I'd like to avoid a re-install if possible.

I'm rationalizing neo4j credentials across the toolchain on the platform -- I'm using the official drivers for both Python and nodejs/javascript. I'm attempting to follow DRY and best practices and collect credentials from the environment -- eventually encrypted in a reasonably secure approach. For now, the credentials (username and password) are in plaintext files that export NEO4J_USERNAME and NEO4J_PASSWORD.

Not surprisingly, there have been some typos and failed attempts. Although I think these are now correct, I'm now seeing the above error.

I also have LetsEncrypt certificates installed and I think the browser is listening on 7473 (though I'm not sure).

Is there some way to adjust or relax this limit while I'm doing do development?

Do I really need to reinstall Neo4J to make it go away?

It seems this was cockpit error.

I had been using an incorrect value for the password.

When I logged in using the correct value (and using, all was fine.