Server not available during a loading process of 311 files

Hi all,
I'm trying to load a bunch of 311 NQUADS into Neo4J v.4.4.5 community in CentOS server.

I have created several files dataloadxx.cypher

call n10s.graphconfig.init({ handleVocabUris: "IGNORE"});

unwind ["output000097.nq.gz", "output000150.nq.gz", "output000203.nq.gz", "output000256.nq.gz", "output000309.nq.gz", "output000045.nq.gz", "output000098.nq.gz", "output000151.nq.gz", "output000204.nq.gz", "output000257.nq.gz", "output000310.nq.gz", "output000046.nq.gz","output000099.nq.gz", "output000152.nq.gz", "output000205.nq.gz", "output000258.nq.gz", "output000311.nq.gz"] as file

call n10s.rdf.import.fetch("file:///opt/opoceDump.nq.gz/" + file, "N-Quads", { verifyUriSyntax: false }) yield terminationStatus, triplesLoaded, triplesParsed, namespaces, extraInfo, callParams
return file, terminationStatus, triplesLoaded, triplesParsed, namespaces, extraInfo, callParams;

In a bash file, put the following:

echo "start loading process" 
"echo loading file "
dt=$(date '+%H:%M:%S');
echo ""
echo "$dt : Neo4J loading : start loading data..."
cat dataload1.cypher | cypher-shell -a neo4j://   --format plain
cat dataload2.cypher | cypher-shell -a neo4j://   --format plain
cat dataload3.cypher | cypher-shell -a neo4j://   --format plain
cat dataload4.cypher | cypher-shell -a neo4j://   --format plain
cat dataload5.cypher | cypher-shell -a neo4j://   --format plain
cat dataload6.cypher | cypher-shell -a neo4j://   --format plain
cat dataload7.cypher | cypher-shell -a neo4j://   --format plain
dt2=$(date '+%H:%M:%S');
echo ""
echo "$dt2 : Finished loading Neo4J data ยป

However, I always have an error after about 2 hours "Server no longer available".
Is there a workaround to this issue or any pointer to look at?

Thanks in advance.



NQUADS? I'm unfamiliar with 'NQUADS'. Is there more detail on what a NQUAD is
Also, look to logs\debug.log for more details at time of failure

Thanks for your reply.
NQUADS are a serialization of RDF in the form (subject, predicate, object, graphIRI).
I am using the loader provided by neosemantics plugin detailed here neosemantics (n10s): Neo4j RDF & Semantics toolkit - Neo4j Labs.