Server Backup

I'm having trouble backing up a server database. Its full of thousands of nodes and relationships, but being on a server I cannot simply 'clone', nor can I access the terminal or 'Open Folder' drop down options I can with typical graphs in the Neo4j Application (1.2.1 and Browser 4.0.3).

Moreover, I'm not quite sure where the data is being stored on my computer (macbook pro). I can view other graphs .db, but not the server. I also cannot access the server directly on a browser (like safari/chrome), but I'm not sure if thats normal.

So my overall question is how can I backup the server data (I've read the chapter 9 documentation over backup and chapter 14 documentation over dump commands with no luck).

I've uploaded images of the 'Server' I'm trying to backup, alongside one of my typical 'Graphs' locally running on my computer. Any help is much appreciated!!

Hello! Welcome to the community. To find your neo4j data on your mac the easiest way is to open your configuration folder pictured in the open folder drop down above and then pwd from there. You can find a good example here Where does neo4j desktop store databases on Mac OS X? - Stack Overflow

Exploring this directory in you terminal will get you to the raw info of your instance which you should be able to just copy over. That being said, another possible method is to copy the instance over to Neo4j Aura which provides an automated way to do that and then your backups are taken care of. Just depends on you and your use case.

Right, but that 'Open Folder' drop down is associated with the 'Graph', not the 'Server'. It is the server I am trying to access and backup data for. I attached another screenshot, but I essentially do not have the same 'Manage' option that brings me to that open folder location with Server as I do with Graph.

And I do not have the Server database in ~/Library/Application Support/Neo4j Desktop/ at all, only the one graph that I already have access to on my computer. Is this due just to the fact it is a server and does not currently save to my computer?

That's correct, if it's not on your machine then you're not going to have it locally. Do you have access to the server at all? Like SSH or remote desktop anything?