Separate test databases

I am working on a web application developement having neo4j 3.4.7 database running as system service on Ubuntu Linux workstation.

Occasionally there would be nice to run tutorials etc in a separate database, not in that where all my developement use cases are running. Is there a simple way to create an empy Neo4j playground database and return to my serious work database?

When running test in the default database, the Neo4j bolt browser (3.2.5) remembers numerous unused and misspelled label and relation type names. Is there a way to clean those lists?

Good news, and not so good news but still ok news

In the next version of Neo4j, v4.0 they're coming out with a feature of multiple database but until the GA release the work around is to run multiple instances.
When you run multiple instances you'll have to do the manual work if changing the default ports and other configs do you don't collide with the other instances. You might find it easier to manage this through a container environment. Or mimic the what the desktop app does and only have one instance running at a time.

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Change the db name in neo4j.conf and restart Neo4j :slight_smile:

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