Seeking Neo4j Database Structure Consultant

Location - This is a remote project. I'm located on the east coast US and prefer no more than 6-8 hours time difference for when the project grows and additional consulting/help is required.

Project - A web app which will store imported data to later be used to generate documents/contracts, track dates, contract changes, timelines, and deadlines within the contract. I have a node map I've created just need to bounce it off someone who's more familiar with this than me.

Requirements - Must be Neo4j certified and familiar with proper structuring. Ideally someone who actively contributes to this community or has some other way I can make sure you know your stuff. I will be taking your advice and building an entire app on it, so I can't risk finding out mid-development that the entire thing has to be overhauled. Must be willing to sign an NDA.

I expect this being a 1-hour call at most, maybe another hour or two of additional work after in case we cover some scenarios that you need time with.

Send me a PM if you have interest or any additional questions!

I would recommend you to reach out to Max ( He is one of top Neo4J consultants.

I hope this helps you @ilyafish

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Thank you very much!

One hour? :thinking:

I work with Neo4j since 2 years on a big project.
The graph schema itself is not complex, almost tiny, but even then I need far more then 1 hour to deal with the webmaster for the back end and.

I would expect a bunch of hours to complete the project to 100%.

Enjoy it :grin: