Seabolt, golang official drivers and openssl1.0.0

Any plan for Seabolt to support an OpenSSL version that wasnt declared EOL in 2015?

It is a dependency for the "official" golang driver and since the old community driver is abandoned gophers dont have a great option.

Hi @wolf,

There is no enforcement about the required OpenSSL version in seabolt. Our internal builds for windows use OpenSSL 1.1 whereas Linux builds target the OpenSSL version that’s included in the distribution (I’ve seen distros with 1.0.2).

You should be able to override the location of OpenSSL by setting OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR environment variable before invoking cmake.



I mean Neo4j provides experimental packages, in theory, because they do not expect their end users need to build from source. Just seems like a reasonable update for an "official" not "experimental" driver set.

For Seabolt, we provide some prebuilt packages (for convenience) but also full instructions on how to build manually for several popular platforms. We have no expectation on users as to whether they should use either method. We also have no restriction on the version of OpenSSL that can be used. The README merely mentions 1.0.0 as an example for illustration purposes.

The documentation does not appear to cover
# ../../../neo4j-drivers/gobolt/config.go:25:10: fatal error: bolt/bolt.h: No such file or directory #include "bolt/bolt.h" ^~~~~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated.

Variables to describe variables... Anyways documentation isnt something I'm good at writing either.

Can you not install one of the pre-built packages?