SDN6 - Projection interfaces with Property Mapping

I am trying to find a way to implement a projection for mapped properties. Following is my code snippets.

Domain Entity

    public class DatSpace {

      @Id @GeneratedValue
      private Long neoId;

      private String title;

      private String SUPid;

Test Case

@EnableNeo4jRepositories(basePackages = "com.rahal.marvel")
public class ProjectionTest {

   private Neo4jTemplate neo4jTemplate;

   interface DATspaceProjection {
      String getTitle();
      String getSUPid();

   public void test_projection(){
      DatSpace d = neo4jTemplate.findOne("MATCH (s:DATspace {SUPid: $id}) RETURN s", Collections.singletonMap("id", "SPC_ML7"), DatSpace.class).get();

      d.setTitle("title modified");
      d.setSUPid("SUPid modified");

      DATspaceProjection   p = neo4jTemplate.saveAs(d, DATspaceProjection.class);

Ideally above saveAs function should modify both DATspace.SUPtitle and DATspace.SUPid. However it only modify SUPid but not SUPtitle. I presume it is due to property mapping (@Property) . Is this a bug or are there any workaround?

Copied from java - SDN6 - Projection interfaces with Property Mapping - Stack Overflow

The provided @Property annotation does only have an impact on the annotated property (title) itself.
There is no knowledge right now that goes from the getTitle() method in the projection to the annotated title field in the domain class.

To be safe when modifying this use the explicit property name:

interface DATspaceProjection {
    String getSUPtitle();
    String getSUPid();

I created an issue for improvement Renamed properties are not included during writes and not projected during reads. · Issue #2371 · spring-projects/spring-data-neo4j · GitHub